Monday, February 2, 2015

Navajo Hands

So last semester we had three primary school classes at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. And my husband, as a "career-change" student had a course in social studies and science at my university where he heard quite often that science and social studies topics should remain within kids' worlds - so no Navajo for Swiss kids and God-forbid they learn about dolphins. Stick to Switzerland - the canton, the cantons and perhaps the bordering countries and whatever natural phenomena are close-by. So now my daughter is learning about Jura, though she's spent most of her summers amongst the Amish and even the Navajo at times:) (Note: I think she should learn about the Jura, actually but I would not have anything against other topics, either)

That out of my system, since this project (which involved kids from my village, so I still see them) and here are comments I've heard since then (a year and a half later):

Frau Büchel - I'm going to be a teacher, too!!
Frau Büchel - Did you know the Navajo helped end WWII?
Frau Büchel - Look! I have a sandpainting in my room now!!
Frau Büchel - Did you know that dreamcatchers are really just money-makers?
Frau Büchel - When can we come back?

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