Wednesday, November 13, 2013

AFL projects with students

Today we had our first day of the project "Navajos don't live in tipis" at the PH! Kudos to you, students, for doing such an excellent job!!! Here are my initial thoughts:

AFL: Well, you will get to try out a few things, but the entire process cannot be observed in 2-4 days at the PH. I am fully aware of the fact, but still, I think you perhaps learn how to take notes about children and what systems/strategies you need, especially with a larger group! And here you get practice in observation - the whole situation of having a new teacher for a while is a chance and a challenge on both sides, and how you document what you observed can be very important in forming an opinion and also not losing thoughts that you have at the time. I saw some good techniques that can fit into formative attitude towards teaching and these little experiences you have not will perhaps be remembered and used later.

The topic: Well, I am not sure if we are breaking down cliches, but at least everyone is in the process of learning! So at times I think the topic was poorly chosen, on the other hand I think that it's a topic we see in Swiss schools, so here is a chance to deepen knowledge.
Zoe Buechel (she's mine, so I can publish her:))

The kids or the students? I had this discussion with Kathleen and I have to hope that what we are doing is beneficial to both!! I know for the kids it is exciting to be somewhere else, with new people, new places, new ideas, new chances and friends, but I am not sure that I have met the balance for the students. We will see in a few weeks!

So thank you for the work well done!!

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