Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mixing Pegasus and Stress - perfect language lessons!

Pegasus rocks!!

Last week we talked about how to deal with English and French teaching. We discussed things like assigning homework on a strategy rather than language level, on contrastive linguistics, on the advantages of being qualified to teach both subjexts, on using music. And tonight, sitting here, Alison informs me that one of her classmates is related to Noah Veraguth! So we said, being really uncool parents, "Huh, who's that?". Upon further inspection we find out he's the lead singer of Pegasus and that he has a song with Stress (who we mentioned because he sings in French and English and German)!!

So here is an example:

See Noel's Room


for many other songs in both languages!
Of course, there are other artists like Patricia Kaas, Raffi, Etienne, who sing in both languages, but here are some more modern ones.

And next semester perhaps we'll develop some worksheets or some activities to teach the language of one of their songs!

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