Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pronunciation sites workshop!

 I am too lazy to update my website, so I will put my workshop for January 14 and 18 here! 
Speaking Activities – Computer Resources

  1. --> spend time getting ideas for teaching and have fun practicing your own English.
  2. Go to and search for “Pron Pal”. Install the ‘app’ and play around with it.
  3. Go to Play the Trace Effects game. How might your learners use this?
  4. ABC Teach (;; Password: cook90. Search for words such as word walls, bingo (sounds bingo), …. a topic you’ll teach in the near future
  5. Bogglesworldesl ( (CAREFUL!! No WWW!!)
  6. Look around everywhere (also in the adults section). Also use the site search to search for things like ‘pronunciation’ or a topic.
  7. Check out - what sorts of things make sense here?
  8. Go to Search for “pronunciation” or “speaking”. What do you find?
  9. Go to - there are 3 pages of pronunciation activities – have fun!
  10. Go to and play some of the pronunciation games. Check out the other things on the site.
  11. Go through this guy’s great sites: 
  1. If you want more sites for ELT in Swiss schools, go here to Laura's site: 
  2. ELF Project in Swiss schools
  3. Used in class:
  4. Cool new cell phone app for learners: Kaplan English train
  5. Study Blue flash card maker for cell phones
  6. Fun tip:

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