Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today's class: November 26, 2008

Hello students!
I am using my blog like a task card! The goal of today's lesson is to look into materials that can support testing and evaluation of children and to fill in the loose ends of some of the conversations on ILIAS. Therefore, I ask you to:
  • Try out a test or two from one of the Explorers Assessment Packs.
  • Go through the Lingualevel scavenger hunt.
  • Add a comment to our module's ILIAS pages to summarize something you've learned or something you found interesting that might help the person who's initiated the comment.
  • Go to the Explorers website and find the webquest and try out the CD ROM.
  • Go to Laura's website and figure out how to UPLOAD materials onto the materials bank.
  • Go to Laura's website and look at the links to webquests.
  • Discuss how children use computers and where they encounter English. How can you support their English-language learning through the use of the Internet?

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