Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hello Hello at the PHSH!

How can you use this blog to document your trip to Norwich and to improve your English language skills? How could you use a blog in your own classroom, once you have one!
What do you think of my georgous family? Aren't they sweet?! Tell me about your own family - do you have any kids? Sisters? Brothers? This picture was taken during our vacation in Sorenberg in January. Ally (the oldest) learned to ski and Zoe just screamed the whole time because she didn't like the snow!

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  1. They are super sweet! A very nice family.

    Sörenberg is a top place for families to ski, and not too expensive. My children have learned to ski in Sörenberg, as well, some time ago. My girl is 15 now and my boy is 13.

    Do you think that we could use this blog for our notes from Norwich? This would have the advantage that the blog could be continued in the years to come. Otherwise I might set up a blog on my domain, which has not been used very much by now.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to going to Norwich. I am missing Britain a little bit. I have many nice memories of the year we lived in Cambridge.

    Greetings - to you and also to your beloved ones.